What's New 'Cliff Notes'

Equinix Customer Portal 2022.3

To improve customer self-service and ordering on the Customer Portal and ease of doing business with Equinix, we have added new features and enhancements.

Access the Equinix Support Center from ECP

Use the New Support Center card on the ECP home page or the always present Support link in the upper right corner.

You can now create Support Cases for Equinix Fabric, Network Edge and Equinix Precision Time from within ECP Support Center.

Request a Callback

Save time and request a callback from Support using the portal in a browser from the Support Center. This is available for Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), English, Spanish (LATAM and Spain), Bulgarian, Chinese, Japanese, French (Canada), based on your designated language in your ECP profile. Additional languages are planned for future releases.

Independent Patch Panel Ordering

If you have Cross Connects ordering permissions, you can now order a Patch Panel without the need to also order Cross Connects.

Credit Hold Visibility

Master Admins will now see an indicator when there is a full credit hold on an IBX, and any specific cages or cabinets. Current policy disables access to cages and cabinets when a full credit hold is in place.

Equinix Customer Portal Login Changes

You will notice a new look to your log in pages and consistency across the portals. This applies to all Equinix portals with the exception of: Equinix Metal and Partner Central, or if you use your company's identity management system.