Release 3.10.1267

Release date: 15 Dec 2019

Enhancements to existing functions

Expiry date validation when inputting a new certificate

In Release 3.9, SmartKey started to strictly enforce expiration date of certificates. In this release, we added a validation when creating apps with certificate-based authentication. If the certificate has expired, users will be prompted with a certificate expiry message and will not be allowed to upload.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix issue when entering values in search fields. Previously, the search field will not allow you to add new search values after entering one or more search parameters (number of search parameters was not consistent in tests).
  • Previously, when creating an app with authentication method - JSON Web Token, SmartKey did not provide details on which required fields are missing. This has now been corrected.

  • Fixed an uncaught error: “Invalid JWT signing key, expected a DER-encoded public key.” Previously, because error was not caught, there would be no response from SmartKey and no indication that there was an error.
  • Fixed a bug when editing apps with JSON Web Token authentication. Previously, when switching from Fetched Signing Key to Stored Signing Key and back, SmartKey will retain the details in Fetched Signing Key. This is not a good security practice as the system should not retain details of the Fetched Signing Key after it was changed. Now, Fetched Signing Key details are not retained. Users will be required to re-enter their Fetched Signing Key details after switching back.