Release 3.12.1284

Release date: 28 Jan 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Fix to JCE library - Appending Tag value to Cipher value for AES GCM

    Current JCE implementation of Cipher prefixes the Tag value to the Cipher. However, it is required to append the Tag to the Cipher (JCE encrypt response does not have a separate field for tag; hence it is attached with cipher response itself). Description of Cipher.doFinal also explains the correct behavior.

  • For user type – Account Members and Auditors, any actions that have been disallowed for these users has been disabled.
  • Fixed the display of long names (of Security Objects). Previously, Security Objects with extremely long names would over-run the screen. This has now been fixed.

  • Enforced the character limits for Name and Description fields when editing Security Objects. Previously, SmartKey allowed these fields to ignore the character limits. Currently, character limit for Name is set to 256 characters, character limit for Description is 300 characters.
  • In the Groups Table view, users can add other users via Edit Users. Previously, when adding two or more users from the Edit Users icon in Groups Table view will result in a “Group does not exist” error. This bug only appears when adding multiple users using the Edit Users icon in Groups Table view. This has now been fixed, multiple users can now be added in this way without raising any errors.

Quality of Life improvements

  • In release 3.11, we introduced the ability to keep a log of failed authentications. This was a requested feature, but we have found that the logging needs to be more specific. As such, in this release, we have changed the logging to exclude app authentication failures (e.g. system will log failed user authentications BUT NOT when an app fails to authenticate into SmartKey)
  • In Groups, select a group to view its details. Under the Apps tab, any apps that has the selected group as the default group will have a flag icon to indicate this.

  • Fix duration of success messages on all pages. Previously, some success messages appeared and disappeared almost immediately, not allowing users time to read the messages. This has been fixed by ensuring that all messages appear for 3 secs before disappearing from the screen.