Release 3.13.1292

Release date: 19 Feb 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Bugfix – after a user leaves an account, the account will not be displayed for this user. Previously, account was still being displayed after user has left the account.
  • Bugfix – from the apps table view, there was a bug where the “Delete Selected” button was still enabled while there is a pending Delete confirmation box. This would have allowed a duplicate delete request to be submitted. This has now been fixed.
  • Previously, users were encountering errors when changing app permissions from the table view from Groups. This has now been fixed. To access the table to change app permissions,

    1. Go to Groups.
    2. Select the group with apps to change permissions for.
    3. In the selected group, click on the Apps tab.
    4. Click on the app permission column of the App to change permissions for.

  • When a group with quorum policy adds a new plugin, an approval request will be automatically created for the administrators to approve the creation of the new plugin.

Quality of Life improvements

  • Email addresses will no longer be case sensitive. We have encountered situations where some email addresses use upper case. From this release, all email addresses will be converted to small caps before being stored. Existing email addresses which are case-sensitive will continue to work normally.
  • Apps are not allowed to have duplicate names. When creating/editing an app, SmartKey will validate the name to ensure that there are no duplicate app names.

  • If a Security Object has a pending delete request, the delete button will be disabled for the object.

  • Added an option to opt out of validating the host name when external services are configured (i.e. Enable HTTPS, Enable TLS). This option can be seen in Settings > Log Management > Custom Log Management Integrations > Edit Configuration.