Release 3.4.1153

Release date 16 Sep 2019

New Features

  • (New) Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) support

    KMIP is a communication protocol that is used for defining message formats for the manipulation of security objects. This release will introduce additional support in the API for:

    • KMIP Mac verify operation
    • KMIP Hash operation

Enhancements to existing functions

  • Search by UUID

    In the Security Object table view, the search field now allows the user to be able to search for an object by the UUID.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with Key Wrap with Padding (KWP) which prevented users from sending data of more than 8 bytes. This has been fixed – users are allowed to send data of any size.

Quality of Life improvements

  • Thread allocation has been improved by dynamically allocating threads based on requests. This allows us to scale our thread usage to make it more efficient.
  • In the Create New App screen, the interface now includes explanations for “Authentication method” and “OAuth”.
  • In the Account Settings screen, when switching an account from Single Sign-On (SSO) to Password Authentication, users will be asked to confirm the change. This is because changing from SSO will delete the SSO configurations that were saved previously.