Release 3.5.1170

Release date: 25 Sep 2019

New Features

  • Secure Hash Algorithm 3 (SHA-3) support

    SHA-3 is the latest implementation of the Secure Hash Algorithm, which takes digital data inputs of any size and generates an encrypted output of selected length (standard lengths 224, 256, 384 and 512 bits). This release introduces additional support in the API for 4 variations of SHA-3:

    • SHA3-224
    • SHA3-256
    • SHA3-384
    • SHA3-512
  • Certificate Expiration Date for Apps

    In Release 3.1, SmartKey added Sort/Search/Filter functions for Expiration Dates for Security Objects. In this release, the same functionality is added for Apps. Expiration Date for apps will be displayed in the following ways:

    • In the Dashboard, users can filter the Apps section to display Apps with Expiring Certs. Any Apps with Certs Expiring in the next 30 days is displayed.

    • Under Groups, select a Group with Apps, go to the Apps tab. Apps that belong under this group will be displayed. “Cert Expires” column is added.

    • In the Apps table view, a new column will show “Cert Expires”.

    • Click the App to show details of the App Certificate.

Enhancements to existing functions

  • Added to List of supported PKCS11 Mechanisms

    DES2-KEY-GEN has been added to the list of PKCS11 Mechanisms supported by SmartKey.

  • Compromised Security Objects are more visible

    Security objects that have been compromised are now more visible to users. Compromising a security object means that an unauthorized person has gained access to the security object, the compromised security object can be used to decrypt data without sender’s knowledge. Compromised security objects should be deactivated immediately. SmartKey will flag out compromised security objects in the following ways:

    • On the dashboard, compromised security objects have a red flag next to it. Furthermore, users can use the filter to view only security objects that have been recently compromised.

    • In the Security Object table view, compromised security objects have a red flag next to it.

    • Click the compromised security object to see details, such as its deactivation date and when it was compromised.

  • Improvements to Approve/Reject Request for Sensitive Operations

    • Pending tasks for the user are indicated by an alarm icon next to their username. Clicking on the icon will bring them to the screen where they can resolve their pending tasks.

    • An email is sent to the approver with a message:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where SmartKey could not handle uploading of large images. An example is when uploading of profile pictures.
  • Following Release 3.3.1131, we have added support for Elliptic Curve (EC) cryptography X25519 and ED25519. We continue to improve on that support.
    • For X25519, we have disabled options for Sign and Verify as these operations are not applicable to this cryptographic algorithm.
    • For ED25519, we have disabled option for AgreeKey as this operation is not applicable.
  • QuotaExceededError from browser was improperly handled. This issue has been fixed. When QuotaExceededError is encountered, SmartKey will display the following error message – “Your browser has insufficient storage space to use SmartKey. Please go to your browser settings and make space by deleting all cookies and saved website data.”