Release 3.8.1222

Release date: 6 Nov 2019

New Features

Idle TCP Streams will timeout after 15 minutes

When a TCP connection is established with SmartKey, it will timeout automatically after 15 minutes of no activity. This is to prevent clients from establishing and leaving connections open and hogging SmartKey resources.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with date selector display. On the Windows platform, on any SmartKey page that uses a date selector, the bug will cause the date selector to stop displaying after navigating through it for a while (by clicking on the next/previous month arrow button). This issue has been noticed on Windows 10, in either Chrome or Edge web browsers.
  • Fixed a bug in editing Security Object. When changing the padding policy to OAEP, if no specific hashing algorithm is selected, it will default to All. Previously, no value will be passed if no hashing algorithm is selected, this would cause SmartKey to raise an unknown variant error.
  • Fixed bug when creating Security Object. In the Create Security Object screen, the correct behaviour is for Security Objects to be assigned to only one group. Previously, the bug would allow multiple groups to be assigned but only the last selected group will be saved.

Quality of Life improvements

Improved descriptions for pending requests so that they are more descriptive when read. Previously, the requests would include error codes and caught exceptions.