Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management provides insight into your resource hierarchy and enables managing your organizational structure. Use Identity and Access Management to control user access to resources at a specific hierarchy level and assign billing accounts to organizations and projects to ensure correct billing to internal and end-customers.

Resource Hierarchy and Access Management

Equinix IAM - Resource Hierarchy and Access Management 2023.4 is available Sep 2023.

Equinix Identity Access Management has unified the login credentials for mobile and desktop ECP.

Unified Login Credentials for Mobile and Desktop ECP

To log into mobile ECP, you can now use the same credentials as the desktop. Previously, you would have to use separate credentials. Now, they have been unified.


How to Assign Unassigned Assets


How to Merge End Customers

Equinix IAM - Resource Hierarchy and Access Management 2022.3 is available to select customers June 13, 2022.

Equinix Identity Access Management has implemented unified login pages across all Equinix product portals and introduced a convenient single sign-on feature for seamless switching between select portals. The 2022.3 release includes the Company Profile resource and the Fabric Service role, which defines a specific set of access permissions. This update also allows for the inventory of unassigned assets and provides the option to assign them to projects. Additionally, resellers can now merge end-customer organizations and share assets with their respective end-customers.

Unified Login Page and Single Sign-On

All Equinix Portals (excluding Equinix Metal) feature a unified login page. Once you log in, you can navigate between select portals without having to re-login.

Unassigned Assets

Assets that were ordered offline or ordered through legacy processes, not through Equinix Identity Access Management enabled tools, are listed on the Resources page under the Unassigned Assets tab. From here, you can assign these assets to projects.

Company Profile

The Company Profile entity is now included as a resource in the resource hierarchy along with a corresponding role.

Role: Fabric Service



  • fabric.companyprofile.create

  • fabric.companyprofile.update

  • fabric.companyprofile.delete

Shared Resources

Resellers can share assets with their end-customers. Shared assets are available in reseller and end-customers projects.

End-Customers Merging

Merging end-customers organizations helps you optimize your resource hierarchy structure. This process creates a new parent organization and moves selected end-customers organizations to the new entity.


How to Assign Unassigned Assets


How to Merge End Customers


Equinix IAM - Identity 2023.1 is available to select customers January, 2023.

Email-based Authentication

Email-based authentication replaces user name-based authentication. It enables access to new Equinix Identity and Access Management features such as linking user accounts and switching between them without having to re-login.

User Accounts Linking

Link additional user account to your primary user account and conveniently switch between them without having to re-login.

Account Management

Manage your portal access and security settings. Change your email address and password, enable and manage multi-factor authentication.


Equinix IAM - Identity 2023.1 Spotlight


How to Link User Identities


How to Reset Your Password


How to Manage Your Account