Cross Connects

Equinix Cross Connects provides direct access to networks and enterprises, cloud service providers, and digital content providers in data centers. It supports enhanced network performance, increased resiliency, more reliability, and added security. Network providers can efficiently distribute content, exchange data, and deploy applications in the cloud. By connecting to multiple infrastructures in the data center, latency is minimized.

Cross Connects 2023.5 is available October, 2023.

With this release, Equinix expands its support for online ordering for standard, Fiber, and Intra Customer Cross Connects. Through this new unified workflow experience, which includes an improved Scheduler Calendar, users can place orders both with and without Letters of Authorization (LOAs) or digital tokens. Also, new videos are available to guide users through the ordering procedures.

Unified Cross Connects Portal Experience

Order Cross Connects by Uploading a Digital LOA Token (available April 2023)

When ordering Cross Connects with a Digital LOA token, an improved user experience delivers an easier, optimized, and more precise step-by-step process with new scheduling options. Now, when new Cross Connects orders are placed online through the Equinix Customer Portal (ECP), there’s no need for users to add their Z-side asset details manually. Instead, this information is supplied automatically based on details provided in the digital LOA token. Users are guided to supply only some additional A-side details when configuring their new connections. Also, users can create multiple connections using the same Digital LOA token. See Order a Digital LOA Token for the latest information.

Order Cross Connects by Uploading a Digital or Standard LOA (available April 2023)

When ordering with a Digital or standard LOA file upload, Equinix offers a new ordering workflow experience through the unified Cross Connects. After uploading the Digital LOA, the Z-side connection details are auto-populated for the connection configurations. Users are guided through the streamlined online ordering process to supply just the A-side details to configure their new connections. With the same option, users can follow the classic method of ordering with standard LOA file upload. The standard LOA file upload is an existing parity feature which has been integrated with the new experience of unified Cross Connects. To learn more about this new workflow, see Order with an Uploaded Digital or Standard LOA.

Order Cross Connects Without an LOA (available October 2023)

Users can continue to order Cross Connects without providing an LOA through the new unified experience. This new online workflow guides users through the steps for supplying all the A-side and Z-side details that are required to create their new configurations. Also, this new workflow helps users add multiple connections in the same order. More information is available at Order Without an LOA.

New Scheduler Calendar View (available August 2023)

When you order new Cross Connects through the unified experience with any of the processes listed above, an improved, more precise step-by-step scheduling option is available. This new calendar provides increased flexibility for viewing and choosing your preferred scheduling type with available and applicable dates. Now, users can easily get a complete view of their scheduling options for the next 6 months, including the installation charges, expedited delivery dates, and guaranteed delivery intervals.


Unified Cross Connects Portal with the New Scheduler


Order Cross Connects with a Digital LOA File Upload


Order Cross Connects Without an LOA


Cross Connects Ordering Flow


Order a Standard Cross Connect Using Guided Ordering

Cross Connects 2023.2 is available April, 2023.

This release enhances the ordering experience for our users by adding helpful notes, notifications, and links to the automated Digital LOA process.

E-Signatures for Multiple Connection Orders

When submitting orders for multiple standard Cross Connects, our customers can now use the e-Sign option. The details for the new connections are included in the order quotation PDF, which customers receive in an email link. For more information about e-Sign, see Digital Signatures.


Unified Cross Connects Portal with the New Scheduler


Cross Connects Ordering Flow


Order a Standard Cross Connect Using Guided Ordering

Cross Connects 2023.1 is available February, 2023.

This Cross Connects release offers improvements to the user interface on the Equinix Customer Portal for increased ease of use and more ordering options. A few of the highlights for this release are listed here.

Edit Details in an Order

To assist in ordering Standard Cross Connects through the Customer Portal, new editing options are available. Connection details, contact information, and additional notes are easier to update when placing Cross Connects orders.

Flexible Scheduling Option

When placing an Expedited order for a Cross Connects connection, a user can now select a check box to allow Equinix to convert the order to Standard scheduling. This choice allows for flexibility in scheduling, if Equinix technicians aren’t available for the requested expedited schedule.

Metro Connect Option

A new tile for Metro Connect guided ordering is now available in the Cross Connects Interconnection Catalog in the Customer Portal.


Cross Connects 2022.1 is available February 14, 2022.

A new video describes how to place online orders for Equinix Cross Connects.


Cross Connects Ordering Flow


Order a Standard Cross Connect Using Guided Ordering