Equinix Marketplace

You can leverage the Equinix Marketplace to strategically reach everywhere, interconnect everyone, and integrate everything needed to power your company’s interconnected ecosystem. Marketplace allows you to connect with the right enterprise buyers or service providers in the most strategic IBX® data center locations to grow your business and customers on Platform Equinix™.

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Marketplace 2021.5 is available May 10, 2021.

Equinix Marketplace 2021.5 provides synchronized profiles, improved search results, enhanced visibility, single sign-on support, Marketplace and ECP profile integration, and access to privacy preferences.

Marketplace Spotlight

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Matchmaker Overview

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Find Service Providers

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Ecosystem Visualizer

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Marketplace Ecosystem and Interconnection Visualizer App-Healthcare Example

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Equinix Explorer Data Center Interconnection Map App

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Marketplace Matchmaker Interconnection App

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Data Center Colocation: the Magic of Equinix Marketplace

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Join the Equinix Marketplace to Grow Your Business

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Marketplace Matchmaker Simulator Sales App

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Search for Interconnection Opportunities and Connect with Service Providers on the Marketplace

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How Service Providers Use the Equinix Marketplace to Generate Sales Leads

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